Drug Rehab

Drug rehab middle seeks $1.35 million in state funding – Apalachicola Instances

Funding for the Bay City Wellness Center, one of Sheriff A.J. Smith received an initial hearing from the Florida Department of Justice on Monday, and the result was good.

Following a Smith remark, the committee requested both House Bill # 9127 and House Bill # 3049, both sponsored by MP Jason Shoaf with 9-0. They are now moving into the full approval committee.

House Bill # 9127 requires a one-time, $ 1 million grant to be used to rejuvenate the site of the former Bay City Work Camp, which has become vacant for the most part Storage as the state closed it in July 2013.

HB # 3049 would provide a one-time $ 350,000 infusion of supplies for the Bay City Wellness Center.

The bills & # 39; Analyzes describe the facility as intended for inpatient treatment of addiction; psychological counseling; Group and individual therapy; Case management; and community integration. It says it will serve people with poor mental health, homeless people, drug users and both current and previously detained drug users.

Jefferson County Sheriff Albert "Mac" McNeill Jr. and Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel wrote letters. An analysis of the law says that it will improve mental health by offering in-house group and one-to-one therapies. A case review is performed showing the diagnosis and treatment with all outcome measures in accordance with Apalachee Center standards.

The values ​​of the bill according to the analysis are intended to protect the public from harm (environment, crime, etc.), the participants are released into a stable living environment. "The program will examine whether the costs of detention, detention and relapse can be reduced and security can be increased in a cost-effective manner," says the analysis, providing post-release wraparound services to those released from prison. A review of the case is carried out to show changes in the arrest dates.

The analysis shows that funding has the potential to reduce drug abuse by enabling participants to complete a drug abuse treatment program. A case review would be conducted to confirm completion without failed drug tests.

The analysis also shows that such a facility can distract individuals from the criminal and juvenile justice system by targeting those who have previously dealt with the criminal justice system. It promises to review the case to track the results and investigate the criminal background to show the impact of the distraction.