Heroin Addiction

Girl charged in heroin loss of life – The Herald Bulletin


ANDERSON – A lethal dose of heroin has resulted in the death of one woman and the arrest of another woman.

Shalee K. Murdock, 23, of Anderson, is charged with level 1 serious crime dealing in a controlled substance that leads to death and level 5 crime in the manufacture, supply, or financing of narcotic drugs. She appeared for a first hearing on Monday.

Murdock is arrested after the death of Melinda Le Chanley (48) from Anderson on November 3.

Chanley was found deceased with an injection syringe and a spoon with brown residues in the 5000 block of Arbor Drive, according to an affidavit. According to a toxicological report, morphine, fentanyl and norfentanyl were in their system at the time of their death.

the reasonable conclusion that her death was caused by an overdose of heroin, ”wrote Gaskill.

Two days after Chanley's death, Gaskill spoke to her ex-husband, who said he had read text messages between Chanley and Murdock that made him think Murdock either provided the heroin or knew who provided it to Chanley would have.

Gaskill took note of the phone.

"I know Shalee Kay Murdock, who first met her at the age of 19 when she was overdosed on medication," Gaskill wrote. "During this encounter, Murdock gave me a heroin addiction and I know that she has since been convicted and detained for possession of a narcotic and the related items associated with his ingestion."

It is believed that Chanley must have purchased $ 100 worth of heroin through Murdock from a person named "Heroin" who was involved in selling heroin to Chanley. Freaky ”before her death.