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Itasca residents protest plan to show resort into drug rehab facility – WLS-TV


ITASCA, Illinois (WLS) – On Wednesday evening, a protest took place in the western suburb of Itasca, which included a proposal to convert a Holiday Inn hotel into a rehabilitation center. Facility provided facility for addicts.

The hotel is not far from a school where some parents in DuPage County are fighting the transformation.

Those who are against a drug and mental health facility wanted to move to Itasca. Make a strong statement to the village officials Wednesday night.

"There are simply too many negatives about what's going on," said resident Robert Cerrito.

At the public hearing on Haymarket, there was massive involvement from the center's suggestion to take over the Holiday Inn and offer treatment to people fighting addiction. Some residents are concerned about the loss of tax dollars from the hotel and public security.

"It is too close to schools, libraries, the swimming pool and the train," said Jean Angelopolulos, a resident.

supporters countered and said the facility was needed in the community. Dominic Ranieri is an Itasca resident and a Haymarket patient in recovery.

"I just hope you understand the severity," he said. "I pray that they are never in the position that most other people have to be."

The intensity from outside became a disappointment for opponents and supporters when the planning commission called for postponement of the meetings due to the size of the crowd. Hundreds were waiting to get in and there was still not enough seating.

"They should have known that there would be a large participation and they should have planned accordingly," said Mary Shaver, a former Haymarket employee.

"I'm really proud of the fact that we had so many people interested in participating in an open forum," said Helen Zakos, a resident.

Public hearings usually take place in the community center, but this time someone has been transferred to middle school to accommodate more people. The middle school is the largest public space in Itasca.

"This community is a very passionate and caring community and they care about what happens to their community," said Itasca Mayor Jeff Pruyn. "So they jumped on board from the day it was announced."

The debate was suspended until October 2. Officials are looking for a new location for this public meeting.

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