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Anderson approves drug rehab clinic regardless of considerations from neighbors – FOX 59 Indianapolis


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ANDERSON, Ind. – The city of Anderson voted to approve a new recovery clinic in the city, but not without opposition from local residents.

In a unanimous vote, the Anderson Board of Appeal removed the last obstacle to the construction of a new recovery clinic in Madison County on the site of the former Sonrise Retreat Center.

"Our aim was not to win, but to accomplish our mission to serve the people who need our services," said Progress House Executive Director Darrell Mitchell.

Progress House and Aspire Indiana plan to convert the 13-hectare retreat center into an almost 100-bed rehab facility. However, neighbors living nearby say it doesn't belong there, and they have been fighting it for months.

"We are of the opinion that this is an urgently needed facility, we simply did not want it in our residential area," said home owner and HOA President Don Burrell.

Those opposed to the project say there are more than 200 homes within a mile of the site. In addition to domestic values, they worry about security.

"This will change our way of life. The way we raise our children, the way we have people when we sell our house," said home owner Shawn Clemons. “Nobody will want to move in next to a rehab with 100 bedrooms. Nobody will do it. "

Aspire and Progress House say this place is their best option. The facility is in very good condition with lots of space and can be ready soon. It is said that no one with sexual or violent crime is allowed, and around 50 security cameras are added.

"We understand their fears, the job is now becoming part of this neighborhood," said Barbara Scott, President and CEO of Apsire, after the vote.

The organizations say the center will meet a great need in Anderson by serving people who cannot normally afford this type of treatment.

"There is an urgent need for it, and the key word is" dying, "said a proponent of the site, who is also recovering.

The convalescent and the sheriff of Madison County supported the project. The neighbors are upset with the result and hope that their fears will not come true.

"We know this is required in our church. We have given them other options in the different areas. But we said if you want to join our church, give us something. Help us we feel safe in our houses and make sure that our house values ​​do not lose value, "said Clemons condition of 47."

The plant is expected to be operational in spring or early summer.