Heroin Addiction

Heroin addict (40) ‘could be higher off in custody’ , choose says – The Irish Instances


A heroin addict (40) caught three times by Gardai with the drug within three months was sentenced to five years in prison.

Michael Veale, a native of Dungarvan, Co Waterford, pleaded guilty to the Cork Circuit Criminal Court and raised nine charges in Cork on March 18, April 17, and May 8, 2019 for seizure by Gardai.

Garda Michael Walsh told how he stopped at Albert Road in Cork on March 18 and searched Veale and found 1,530 euros of heroin in his person before submitting a search warrant for his apartment in Park View Victoria Road in Cork received.


There, Gardai found heroin worth 13,159 € to bring the total drug shipment to 14,689 €, along with 2,125 € in cas. Veale admitted to being a heroin addict who consumed between five and six sacks of heroin every day.

Garda Walsh told the court how Gardaí searched an address on Charlemont Terrace on Wellington Road on April 17. They found Veale in a bedroom, where they also found heroin worth 34,850 € and cash worth 900 €.

They also found drug paraphernalia in the bedroom. While Veale initially denied any knowledge of the drugs, he later assumed responsibility and said he owed a foot trader € 18,000 for the previous seizure of drugs in March.

Less than a month later, gardaí re-searched to justify a house on Well Road on Sunday. There they found Veale again in a bedroom where they found heroin worth € 2,087 and € 285 in cash.

Veale took responsibility for the drugs, Garda Walsh said, adding that Veale had 142 previous convictions, including one for possession for sale or sale or drug dealing and six for simple possession of drugs.

Defender Paula McCarthy BL said Veale was originally from Dungarvan, but has been living with the Simon Community in Cork for 19 years. He said Veale was currently on a methadone program while in custody.

Judge Sean O Donnabhain stated that Veale had pleaded guilty to all nine crimes. He admitted he was struggling with his addiction in his free time.

"He has a miserable life, and if I did represent a benevolent point of view, he would be in better hands in custody. He has been in the city for 19 years and is taking drugs. He feels better if I let him sit in prison for ten years, "he said.

The biggest argument for Veale was his guilty allegation against all nine allegations, which included four property counts, four ownership counts for sale or delivery, and a sale count for drugs worth over € 13,000]

Judge O Donnabhain said that Veale was his own worst enemy with "a raging drug addiction" and was drug trafficking every time he returned to the community for owing money to others in the drug trade.


He said he would impose a two-year jail term for the drug dealer fee charged in March and a five-year simultaneous sanction for the drug dealer fee levied in April and two years in a row for the drug dealer fee levied in May, which he would suspend.