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Black Friday: disabled customers shut out on-line; darkish internet provides bumper drug offers – E&T Journal


With Black Friday in full swing, Scope announced that people with disabilities are being excluded from online shopping due to websites and apps that are poorly optimized for them.

The Disability Charity conducted a survey of 200 people, with half of respondents finding they had not purchased an item because of hard-to-use websites or apps.

Nearly half (47 percent) said navigating the site was a common problem. 45 percent said captcha puzzles affected their shopping experience and 34 percent had registration issues.

The Disability Charity called on retailers to ensure that they do not miss billions of pounds of potential customers every year by preventing the 14 million people with disabilities in the UK from using their Web sites.

Such issues led to 50 percent of people with disabilities not buying the item, 48 percent finding an alternative retailer, and 32 percent asking someone in the household to complete the purchase.


Kristina Barrick, Head of Digital Influence at Scope, said: "For people with disabilities, buying goods and services, socializing, health management, access to information and online work can make a real difference to life, especially in The built environment can be so full of barriers. But Scope keeps hearing how much the digital world is leaving people in the lurch.

"Disabled customers should be able to take advantage of great Black Friday deals, but many are detained by poorly designed websites and apps.

"Black Friday is just a shopping day, but businesses can make much higher profits year-round by making sure their websites and apps are accessible. Many miss a billion-pound market just because they have not thought of disabled people. "

On this Black Friday, dark web criminals have also made offers for targeted purchases, including illegal drugs, counterfeit identity papers and stolen data.

Experts say gangs on the secret sites offer reduced prices, reflecting the business tactics of legitimate businesses.

Stolen personal information and credit cards, fake ID documents and illegal drugs are offered for sale on dark web marketplaces, which are designed to be unrecoverable.

James Chappell, co-founder of security firm Digital Shadows, said, "Society has become more digital, and so has crime.

"Although their activities are unlawful and illegal, criminals are, in a sense, retail businesses, trying to maximize opportunities.

"People who buy products and services from criminals are also consumers themselves, and they know concepts like Black Friday.

"We have seen the same strategies that online retailers and physical retailers use in these criminal markets.

"We see that they are either used to give discounts, stack them up and sell them cheaply, and we've seen the same with discount codes, introductions, building up excitement before the event and tantalizing ads , "

A report by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction, released earlier this week, found that UK criminals are more involved in online sales of illegal drugs than anywhere else in Europe.

His report found that sales of £ 24m had been generated in 2017/18.

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