Drug Rehab

Joshua Allen is launched from jail to enter drug rehab – BreakingNews.ie


Joshua Allen was released this afternoon to run a drug rehabilitation center program three weeks after the prison door closed behind him.

The son of celebrity chef Rachel Allen was told he would have to report to the probation service and then immediately put in Cuan Mhuire in Athy on the program.

There were some differences of opinion at the Cork Circuit Criminal Court over whether the inpatient treatment program lasted 12 weeks or 20 weeks.

Chief defender Siobhán Lankford said the program lasted twelve weeks.

The probation service considered it a 20-week drug addiction treatment program at the facility.

Ms. Lankford said that regardless of the duration, Joshua Allen would attend as long as necessary.

Ms. Lankford also said that it was a full-time program, there was a bed for the defendant and he would not leave it until it was complete.

It will be up to Cuan Mhuire's staff to notify the Cork Probation Service if the defendant leaves the program or does not cooperate.

In this case, the case can be heard again at any time in court.

Otherwise, the case was adjourned until February 28 for sentencing.

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin reminded everyone involved: "… All this is strictly to everyone's understanding. I have not issued a judgment and have not indicated what judgment will be given. There are no guarantees for anyone in this court. "

Ms. Lankford said today at the hearing:" The defendant has no difficulty in sticking to it … There is a bed and he is ready to go. He has addiction problems. He strives to receive inpatient treatment. "

The senior defense attorney said it would be out of the question to leave Cuan Mhuire for the duration of the program or "go in and out" – the defendant will stay full-time there for the duration of the charge.

The Indictment On which Allen stands before the Cork Circuit Criminal Court, cannabis has a value of more than 13,000 euros. His actual street value was € 22,000.

The crime will be punished with a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years, unless the judge notes that there are exceptional circumstances surrounding drugs in the post sorting facility in Portlaoise.

A controlled delivery was made on August 30, 2018 at 4:30 pm to Joshua Allen with an address at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Shanagarry, County Cork.

Joshua Allen, then 18 years old, signed.

"He was watched sitting in front of the shop, opening it and looking inside. He was then intercepted by Gardaí, "said Det Sgt. O & Halloran.

Joshua Allen had cocaine in his wallet for his own use and later told Gardaí about a small amount of cannabis at home, which he also used for his own use.

He was prosecuted for double seizure of drug allegations. The most serious allegation was to have cannabis valued at € 22,000 in the package for sale or delivery.

Joshua Allen told gardaí that this was his third or fourth time receiving such a shipment of cannabis by mail.

He said it was from a woman in California he met in East Cork. Instead of paying with Western Union, which he believed could be understood, he traveled to London to pay her 2,000 euros.

Ms. Lankford SC said the young man Ballinamona, Shanagarry, has no previous beliefs that he collaborated with gardaí in the survey and that he had addiction problems.