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Boris Johnson stated UK’s poorest communities are made-up of ‘chavs,’ ‘burglars,’ ‘drug addicts,’ and ‘losers’ – Enterprise Insider


Boris Johnson wrote that "Britain's poorest communities" [supply] told us about the chavs, the losers, the burglars, the drug addicts … "In a newspaper column excavated by business insiders in 2005, Johnson claimed that the poorest 20% live on" "run-down land" and vote only for Labor in the "deluded hope for greater benefits". Johnson also suggested in 2013 that economic inequality was inevitable due to lower intelligence among low earners. Labor's David Lammy accused the prime minister of showing "disdain for workers." More stories can be found on the homepage of Business Insider.

Boris Johnson wrote in an unearthed newspaper column that the poorest 20% of British society consist of "chavs", "losers", "burglars", "drug addicts" and "criminals" business insiders.

Johnson, at that time conservative MP and publisher of the Spectator magazine, wrote in the Telegraph in 2005 that poorer voters who live on "rundown goods" only choose work due to the "deceived hope of larger displacement" ,

He added that this "bottom" fifth of British citizens us with the chavs, the losers, the burglars, the drug addicts and. Supply the 70,000 people who are lost in our prisons and learn nothing except how to become more effective criminals. "

As an aside to his political opponents, he said that some Labor MPs only wanted to ban the smacking of children because of their" disgust when they see a boy strapping their kids in the supermarket. "

It turned out that Johnson had labeled the children of single mothers "badly educated, ignorant, aggressive, and illegitimate" and accused their fathers of being "weak" to "take control of [their] women".

David Lammy of Labor told Business Insider that Johnson's statements showed "contempt for workers across the UK."

Before becoming Prime Minister, Johnson took the privilege of leading high-caliber newspaper columns abusing Muslim women, blacks, single mothers, workers and other groups.

"This story makes him incapable of becoming Prime Minister especially at a time when our country is divided and urgently needs to return together.

The Conservative Party has been asked for comments.

Poverty is caused by low intelligence


Johnson also claimed earlier that income inequality might be inevitable because of the lesser intelligence of some poorer people.

"Whatever you think about the value of IQ testing," Johnson told the Center for Policy Studies in 2013. "It's certainly relevant to talking about inequality that 16 percent of our species have an IQ below 85, while about 2 percent have an IQ above 130," Johnson argued. I do not believe that economic equality is possible "because" people who do not have the same rude abilities. "

Johnson refuses to apologize for abusive comments

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Johnson has been followed for decades by criticism of the insulting statements he made about groups of Muslims, blacks and gays.

As Business Insider had already revealed in a 1998 telegraph column about Peter Mandelson's resignation from the Labor Party government, Johnson said the announcement would turn into the bubbling of "Tank-topped Bumboys" in the "Ministry of Sound" – Nightclub and "dimly lit Soho drinking clubs frequented by Mandy and his friends".

He added that Mandelson's departure would cause the "lipstick" of Blair's government to dissolve.

In a separate telegraph column, Johnson also lamented attempts to improve homosexual equality at the BBC.

"It must be a parody," he wrote.

"There was a journal of the BBC Resources Equal Opportunities Unit in my hand, and there were letters from gays asking for a BBC pension under the law of their" partner. "

In In his 2001 book "Friends, Voters, Countrymen" Johnson compared gay marriage with bestiality The union should not be ordained between three men and two men or even three men and a dog. "

When Johnson was asked about his file on Friday, he declined to apologize and told LBC that his earlier comments had been taken out of context and were" absolute distortions "of what

"You just have to go back and look at the context," he told Nick Ferrari of LBC.

"So much of this is distracted to distract from the basic issues of this election , "