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Are Ladies With out Youngsters Consuming Extra These Days?


In addition to the rapid consumption of antidepressants in older women, there is also an increase in substance-related suicides. Studies show that since 1997, the percentage of women who have had alcohol excesses has risen by more than 40 percent . On average, women drink less than men, but today women are more likely to be bothered by alcohol excesses than men. What are some of the reasons for this increase?

Alcohol excesses is the term used to define that in the last two weeks more than five drinks were drunk at the same time. For women without children between the ages of 30 and 44, the alcohol excess rate increased from 21% in 2006 to 42% in 2018.

According to epidemiologists at Columbia University, alcohol consumption has declined or stabilized in most age groups. Another study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health shows that excesses of alcohol have increased more rapidly in women over the age of 60 than in men of the same age group.

Why the upsurge of drinking women?

Studies show that more women can drink in the evenings when there are no children in the house. You are listening to the social engineering propaganda that this situation gives them freedom and happiness. In many cases it just makes them lonelier and they can decide to treat themselves with more alcohol themselves.

Women over 60 often turn to alcohol to cope with the empty-nest syndrome. Drug abuse in seniors is referred to as an invisible epidemic because symptoms are often confused with signs of aging or side effects of medications.

Alcohol excesses in women over 60 years

Alcohol use is dangerous for seniors for many reasons, including:

Alcohol is absorbed more rapidly into the bloodstream as it ages.
The body does not digest alcohol in older people so well. This can damage vital organs and interfere with medications.
Alcohol contributes to dehydration and seniors already have diminished renal function
Alcohol consumption affects type 2 diabetes because the liver can not break down and release the sugar properly. The pancreas also regulates insulin in the body. Alcohol ignites the pancreas and contributes to the problem.
More than two or three drinks per day can increase blood pressure and boost can be permanent.
Heavy drinking can lead to heart failure, which prevents the heart from pumping enough blood to meet the body's need for blood oxygen.
Alcohol causes bone to wither, contributing to osteoporosis.
Long-term alcohol abuse can damage the brain and cause problems with short-term memory and motor skills. It can also lead to confusion, depression, anxiety, insomnia and memory loss.

Alcohol-related emergency rooms in the elderly reached more than three quarters of a million in one year alone.

America's Fascination for Alcoholic Drinks

Americans love their alcoholic drinks. In fact, sales of all alcoholic beverages last year reached more than $ 225 billion. In addition, more than 15 million people over the age of 18 report Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). The proportion of alcohol-related deaths has increased by more than 130 percent over the past decade. In a study conducted by the NIAAA, the prevalence of alcohol abuse among women has increased by nearly 16 percent over the last decade.

More women drink and women drink more

Women have a busy schedule. The stress of trying everything and making everything perfect also puts women at risk of needing a coping tool. It's easy to pour a glass of wine as you prepare dinner while juggling with several other tasks. Movies and TV shows show women who consume alcohol to relax or reward themselves. The women who drink alcohol take alcohol at the end of the day for a well-deserved blessing.

Most women do not realize that their body is more prone to the effects of alcohol than men's bodies. This means that the blood alcohol level rises faster and stays elevated longer. In other words, women are more susceptible to longer-term health problems such as liver damage, cancer, or heart disease as their body uses alcohol.

Find the right treatment for alcohol abuse

If you are one of the women who drink alcohol and can not control your alcohol intake, do not wait until your health is compromised before you seek treatment. Contact us today for Best Drug Rehabilitation. Our team of addiction specialists can recommend a program that suits your needs.


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